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  1. Melina Elisa says

    I never thought about it this way. Even if someone has 55 followers, they have 55 people watching and following their lives. We have created places where anyone can stalk us, which is kind of weird if you really think about it. While I’ve been trying to get better about posting things on my stories, I haven’t been doing much of a good job. I’ve been getting better of watching less stories, and spending less time on social media, and more time being productive. Great post Laura! Also, love the look of your new blog format! xxx

    Melina |

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you Melina! I use to post everyday on Instagram (sometimes two photos a day) and tried to always share interesting stuff on my IG story. But I realised I was just taking too many random pics and pressuring myself to constantly have something worth mentioning.
      It is really weird that I did that so strangers could keep up with my daily life.
      The apps can be so unproductive because we’ve (society) has become addicted to using them. I imagine we would all enjoy social media more if we took a step back. xxx

  2. LauraJ says

    I find it really hard to keep up with people now. I wish the algorithm went back to how it was before. I definitely have a persona on Insta. I guess because I am so open on my blog, I like to keep other sides of my life private, like not showing family etc.
    Chasing after someone else’s lifestyle is never healthy, especially when most people construct a small potrayal of reality.

  3. Beyoutiful says

    Great topic girl! I can totally relate. I feel like everyone including me is guilty of FB, IG or any kind of digital stalking. I’ve lost touch with most of my HS and college friends and I do find myself going to their profile and watching their stories or pictures just to see what they are up to since I do miss them. I feel like people do the same to mine. I feel like there is nothing wrong in checking out friend’s social media accounts if you miss them. I feel that it’s not good to stalk their profile due to jealousy reasons thinking they have a better life than you do.

    I only look at their stories and profiles because I miss the good old memories, not because of jealousy reasons. I know a lot of girls are guilty of this which really annoys me because everyone including my friends judge me based on what I post on social media that they have no idea how shitty my real life is lol. Social media blurs reality and people need to grow up to understand that every person has problems and not everyone is happy even though their social media accounts look “perfect”.

    I personally think it’s a total waste of time going through friend’s stories and profiles all the time and comparing our lives to our friends. I would rather focus on myself and improve on being a better version of myself and not care about what other people think of me and society is always about judging and being perfect. I’ve been doing a social media detox a bit now and I try not to watch friend’s stories all the time since it sometimes negatively influences me and reduces my self-confidence. I’ve been just improving and concentrating on things that define me and make me happy and I don’t care even if my friend’s judge.

    Loved this post girl ❤️

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you lovely! I think missing someone is always the exception – providing it’s not an ex from a bad relationship etc.
      I haven’t looked at old friend profiles in a while, but only because I realised it wasn’t the healthiest thing for me.

      You can’t really win with social media. If you share all the sad stuff happening, people can say you’re looking for attention. And likewise if you just post the good, people can say you’re living a lie. I think it’s normal to show one side of reality. It would probably be too much if we showed every good and bad thing in photos on IG.

      To me you have a great attitude. Why worry what other people think and whether they may judge. As long as it feels good to you, that’s what matters. xxx

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