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  1. Ivana Split says

    I think everyone has a different view of what cheating is. However, in a relationship there needs be a common understanding of what is allowed and what isn’t. I have to say that my perspective about cheating has changed. When I was younger, I thought that women who stayed with their husbands or boyfriends who cheated were crazy, but I don’t see it that way anymore. Some people, men or women, it doesn’t matter, decide to forgive and that doesn’t make them weak, it can even mean they are strong. I think it is an individual decision, some couples survive mutual infidelity and forgive each other (or one the other in case only one cheated) and some don’t. The reasons why people cheat can also be more complex than meets the eye. So, yeah it is not as clear cut as it might seem.

    • LauraJ says

      My perspective on cheating has changed as well. Every couple and situation is different, and a person forgiving a cheating partner doesn’t make them weak.
      I agree as well and think It’s good for every couple to have an agreement of what is and isn’t acceptable beforehand because there’s so many views on what counts and what doesn’t.

  2. Paolo B. says

    Great topic and I think their really are no clear cut answers. It definitely has to be defined in each relationship because all relationships and people are different. Beyonce staying with Jay z was interesting, didn’t see that coming.

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you Paolo for reading. I’m obviously speaking from a point of having no actual idea about her personally, but Beyonce has been with Jay since 18/19. I’m not surprised she stayed because of the history; he’s really her only serious relationship.

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