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  1. Beyoutiful says

    Interesting topic! Both are nice but I would prefer handsome over sexy. Sexy in my opinion is a bit too much. I like guys who are handsome, attractive with nice features. But when it comes to a guy that I would like to date, I would always look at their personality 100% over looks. Looks don’t mean anything if the personality is ugly. The personality captures my attention and that’s what makes me attracted the them more than anything.

    Great post girl 🙂

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you! It’s an awful experience to realise a good looking guy has a bad personality. I will always choose personality over appearance as well. x

  2. Ivana Split says

    What an interesting article! I don’t think I have ever seriously dated a guy who could be considered classically good-looking. There was this time I dated a really handsome guy in high-school and everyone said how perfect we were one for another, but it didn’t last long. Generally speaking, classically good-looking men don’t really attract me. I don’t like men whose faces look too pretty to me- just like you said, I like an unique look, a face that shows character. There isn’t a single Hollywood actor that I find really attractive. I’m mostly attracted by the brains, I’m drawn to men with a high IQ. I’m also impressed by vocabulary and eloquence (makes sense since I’m a language teacher). A good talker will always get my attention!

    • LauraJ says

      There’s not a single Hollywood actor I find really attractive. I think it’s because they look too polished – perfect suit, hair, skin, eyebrows etc.
      Intelligence is really important to me but I also like confidence (without arrogance) and a similar humour. All these traits feel much more superior than classic good looks.

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