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  1. LauraJ says

    Thank you Elise! I don’t mind collabs with no payment, but only with good quality products and something that I generally think is worth it. In the beginning, I’d agree to random gifts that today I would say no to.
    How a brand or influencer chooses to approach (the delivery) does make a huge difference.


  2. Dominika says

    I personally believe this topic should be spoken about more openly. I do not mind influencers asking for free stuff as long as they remain polite and mention potential gains for the brand in question – it’s natural that brands want benefits to go both ways! I can’t stand it when people feel entitled to free products or services, as it gives the entire industry a bad name. Having said that, I also believe that brands should be held accountable for their actions. Despite some people’s beliefs, being a blogger is a job like any other and you cannot pay your bills with free products or exposure. As a beginner, I would gladly accept free products, especially if they’re things I would buy anyway, but if there was no prospect for a future paid collaboration, I would get discouraged and start looking for other opportunities.

    Dominika | Into the Bloom

    • LauraJ says

      I agree with you Dominika. I hate when influencers and bloggers act entitled because it puts a bad name on the whole industry. And then everyone starts to make assumptions.
      I also gladly accept gifts that I believe are of value and what I would be willing to spend on, but it’s never really 100% free or gifted when you have to write a post and take photos. So it is important to consider the prospects of future payment.

  3. Kelly says

    Really enjoyed this post and this influencing biz also doesn’t sit too well with me. I feel it lacks authenticity as many ‘influencers’ promote a mass of brands – therefore it seems they just like to cash in on any opportunity for a freebie

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you for reading Kelly. I think influencers or anyone promoting brands, has to be careful to not feature too many products at one time. Especially when they are all different like one day a fitness app and another a lipstick. I agree and think it can look like they just want a freebie.

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