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  1. Mary says

    I have heard many older men (some middle aged and older) use the excuse that “the age of consent is 16 so I’m going to have sex with teenagers!” This is disgusting and a huge red flag. I have also heard men claim that “an 18 year old girl is equivalent to a 30 or even a 50 year old man”. How can a teenager fresh out of high school, whose brain is years away from being fully developed, have the same maturity of a grown adult, brain long since fully developed, who has been out in the world, working, living independently, having numerous relationships including marriages, traveling, etc. for decades? They use this ridiculous claim to justify their predatory behavior. Any emotionally healthy man would never date a teenager because he would respect her enough to not take advantage of her obvious immaturity. If a grown adult has the same maturity as a teenager, then he’s not a person you would want to be in a relationship with as that’s another huge red flag!

    • LauraJ says

      The age of consent is not permission for older men to sleep with teenagers. I think it’s disgusting how some men use that as an excuse. I completely agree – a teenager just out of school cannot have the same maturity, mentality or emotional stability to match someone decades older. I really question the mindset of men who specifically try to date incredibly young women. In many instances, it’s a power thing where the guy can impress with money that the women has yet to go out and earn.

  2. Melina Elisa says

    It’s funny, cause when we are younger, we rarely think of it as weird when talking or dating someone older. I remember while watching pretty little liars, I never questioned or thought of it as weird, that a 24 year old would have a relationship with a 15-16 year old. It didn’t help the fact that they romanticized the whole thing. He was good looking enough, and you don’t find out that he knew her real age until much later. The moment I turned 24, my stomach turned when I realized how disgusting it was. I couldn’t imagine dating someone younger than 21-22, much less someone who was 15-16 years old. They’re still children at that age, no matter how mature. This is such an interesting post, because I think about it all the time! Loved reading your thoughts about this topic xxx

    Melina |

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you Melina. At my highschool, a lot of the popular girls dated older guys and it was seen as really cool, like a status symbol. And I remember thinking I was mature enough as a teen to date an actual adult.

      It is really disgusting and I hate how normal it’s become in Hollywood. For an adult to date a teen, you have to question what kind of intellect and mindset they have going on! xxx

  3. Alain Nahle says

    Well, interesting topic, I believe that an adult would never date a teenager… if he has grown enough to realize its not gonna work… Most of men do it just for having fun, which I find kind of wrong but I respect others life ways… I never had a crush to an older female…except for Angelina Jolie, Monicca Bellucci….

        • Mary says

          It might be “fun” for older men to date teenagers but many such relationships do end up emotionally damaging the young girls, even if they don’t understand it at the time. I know from my own experience. I also missed out on dating boys my own age and doing age-appropriate activities because the relationship revolved around his more mature interests. He was bored with anything I wanted to do. If I had had the maturity I have now, I never would have dated him.

          • LauraJ says

            Thank you for sharing your experience, Mary. As a teenager, I thought it was really cool for a guy to drive a decent car, have a job and be able to go out and buy things like alcohol. I never thought about the fact that all these things were normal for any adult and equally, normal for a teenager to not have acquired yet. What can seem like harmless fun when you’re as innocent as 16, can years later be something much more damaging.

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