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  1. Melina Elisa says

    It’s funny, cause when we are younger, we rarely think of it as weird when talking or dating someone older. I remember while watching pretty little liars, I never questioned or thought of it as weird, that a 24 year old would have a relationship with a 15-16 year old. It didn’t help the fact that they romanticized the whole thing. He was good looking enough, and you don’t find out that he knew her real age until much later. The moment I turned 24, my stomach turned when I realized how disgusting it was. I couldn’t imagine dating someone younger than 21-22, much less someone who was 15-16 years old. They’re still children at that age, no matter how mature. This is such an interesting post, because I think about it all the time! Loved reading your thoughts about this topic xxx

    Melina |

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you Melina. At my highschool, a lot of the popular girls dated older guys and it was seen as really cool, like a status symbol. And I remember thinking I was mature enough as a teen to date an actual adult.

      It is really disgusting and I hate how normal it’s become in Hollywood. For an adult to date a teen, you have to question what kind of intellect and mindset they have going on! xxx

  2. Alain Nahle says

    Well, interesting topic, I believe that an adult would never date a teenager… if he has grown enough to realize its not gonna work… Most of men do it just for having fun, which I find kind of wrong but I respect others life ways… I never had a crush to an older female…except for Angelina Jolie, Monicca Bellucci….

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