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  1. Melina Elisa says

    I found this post super interesting, I agree with you wholeheartedly. While I don’t think there’s a correct answer to the question, because it definitely depends on the individual person, and while I don’t like small talk when I’m first talking to someone, I enjoy texting someone I’m dating everyday. I love those cute good morning and good night texts. I love knowing about someone’s day, and the good and bad of it. While I know some people who don’t like talking everyday, the majority of people I do know talk to their significant other everyday (even when they live with eachother). Great post Laura xx

    Melina |

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you Melina! I’ve never really done the whole good morning and good night text thing. Probably because I’m quite a bad texter.
      One guy I went on a date with always asked about my day and whether it was good, and it felt too routine because nothing overly exciting happens day-to-day in an office. But if I was travelling the world or doing all these amazing things, I guess that question would be fun to answer.
      And I definitely think a lot of this depends on whether or not you love the person you’re with, how often you see them and whether they’re actually fun to text. xx

  2. Beyoutiful says

    Love this post! I have to agree with everything you said. I was wondering the same thing and always ask myself that why couples talk everyday lol? Just like you had mentioned, esp if I just met someone, I feel that talking to them everyday looks really clingy and I just keep it to once a week. If I’m in a relationship, talking like a few times a week I feel like is a good balance. It’s really important to balance your work, friends, family, and hobbies and make that a priority apart from your love relationships. Balance is key to healthy relationships and I prefer to always have my space and “me” time so that I can go back to giving my attention to my loved ones. Absence makes the heart go fonder. The more you spend time focusing on your stuff, the more your miss and love each other. Great topic love ❤️

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you girl! Once a week is probably too long for me, depending on how much I like the guy. But that’s the thing, it’s all down to us to choose what we prefer, and I don’t like that there’s pressure to talk 24/7 to prove you like someone.
      It is all about balance and prioritising ourselves as well as the people we love. x

  3. questionsfromateenager says

    Oh my god LAURA you were speaking from my soul in this post. I am the WORST texter out there and hate this world of constantly having to be available 24/7. If I read one more post on Instagram / Twitter stating that “texting back within 5 seconds is the most attractive thing a person could do” I might lose faith in humanity all together.

    I find not talking everyday or being able to not talk everyday (and this being completely okay/normal) to be quite essential in any relationship. Maybe it’s the fact that I am an introvert and really need some time for myself in my daily routine? The thing is, I always find it incredibly crucial for you and your partner to have some time apart. To give yourself time to miss them. Or to look forward to telling them about your day IN PERSON. What difference does it make if it’s right now or at a time where you see them and can actually have a real-time conversation with them? If you are with them all the time and even when you’re not you’re texting them 24/7… I feel like we tend to appreciate the person less if that makes sense.

    That being said, I of course know that early into committing to someone, the need to be in constant contact can be much stronger than when you’ve settled in your relationship a little more. I once dated a guy who did the most romantic thing imaginable (to me) – instead of texting me non-stop (which he knew I disliked), he wrote me letters. Handwritten, long and personal letters. Not every day, but every now and again. I think the reason texting reduces the quality of our conversations is because we do not tend to put a lot of thought into what we say. Texting culture is so fast-paced, I am genuinely (pleasantly) surprised when I receive a text that is actually grammatically correct and uses full sentence stops. The art of writing a letter is much more personal because we generally have to put a lot more thought into what we want to express before we write it down.

    Such a great, insightful post!! I find it to be such a fascinating topic right now, as the way we communicate is most certainly shifting. Into what I do not know, but it makes me appreciate a good old in-person conversation a lot more. xx

    • LauraJ says

      First thing I have to say – wow – a guy wrote you letters! That is the most romantic thing, especially considering how scarce letters are these days. The last one I wrote was to complain to a company. (The only complaint letter I’ve written!)

      Lately I’ve got so bad at texting. I know people say it only takes two minutes to send a response, but it really doesn’t. I like to make an effort to think of the right words to say, and if I respond immediately, it puts pressure to continue a texting conversation which can go on for hours.

      I’m an introvert as well and maybe that does affect how we feel. I always need alone time and if I’m having to communicate on my phone during that time, it doesn’t feel the same. xx