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  1. hoiyinli says

    I’ve been generally content with this year’s progress especially how far I’ve come mentally. Self-growth and self-confidence has been huge this year so I’m looking for this positive energy to continue into 2020 to start the new decade off! One particular new year’s resolution am setting for myself next year which I’ve never set myself before is to learn to cook some new dishes that’s healthy and delicious.

    • LauraJ says

      I’m glad you feel content with your progress this year and that you’ve worked on self-growth. I think that’s always good to focus on. I love buying new cookbooks. I use to always use my phone for recipes but it can be annoying scrolling for ages, and having to convert USA measurements to UK.

  2. Beyoutiful says

    Love this post and couldn’t agree more! Couple of years ago I always tried to write down and achieve my New Year’s resolutions but it never happened since I didn’t really take it seriously. But for the past 2 years, I’ve been really caring about focusing on myself whether it’s emotionally, physically, financially, etc and have def been able to achieve some of my goals but not all of them. Each year my main goal is to be a better version of myself compared to the previous year – to keep learning and improving myself. I have to say that I am def much better person emotionally compared to last year so am glad that I’ve been focusing on that. I’m hoping that in 2020, I can really stay determined to achieve my goals to become more physically more stronger by working out and def eating a healthier diet. I’m glad that you are really trying to work on your goals and accomplishing them girl! So happy for you and I hope you achieve all of them in 2020 ❤️

    • LauraJ says

      Thanks girl! Hope you achieve all your goals in 2020 as well. I think working on being a better version of yourself is a perfect goal to have. It’s something I’m always thinking about, especially on my birthday. xx

  3. Infinite Living says

    I see myself in so many ways in your post 🙂 Procrastination, lack of confidence, stopped caring about some things are some true experiences for me. I stooped focusing on goals long time ago – I go with intentions that arise instead. I check in for my desires and then identify the quality of feeling I am aiming for – and from there start aligning myself to tasks that would take me towards those desires and feelings …
    Lovely as always to read from you! Happy Holidays!

    • LauraJ says

      I like the idea of focusing on intentions that arise. That’s a really good idea and great way to keep checking in with your feelings.
      Happy Holidays and thank you for taking the time to read! 🙂

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