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  1. LauraJ says

    Thank you Janelle! I’m a week late but happy new year! I love knowing when other people have met someone through online dating; it gives me that extra hope.
    So far it has been fun and a bit of a learning experience. I like that I’ve met very different guys who I wouldn’t usually run into – despite that we have been to the same places before. xx

  2. LauraJ says

    Great minds think alike 🙂 How are you finding it?

    The older I get, the more cynical I become. I think the amount of people who cheat and divorce has impacted how I view relationships, but I’m still after my expectations and ideas.

    I’m going to write a post soon on my experience with online dating. I’d be interested to read what you have to say as well. I hate having to worry whether I come across too keen or too uninterested.

    You are so right in saying you learn a lot about yourself! I’ve noticed both great qualities in me and some pretty bad ones.

    • LauraJ says

      I think a lot of people are going on dating apps right now because they have planned new year goals and decided on finding someone. I also think it is about winter like you said – now Christmas is over, they want the excitement of love.

      I’ve had mixed reactions to the dating app as well. So far I’ve had two first dates. I’ll think I’ll stay on it for another month or so and see if a relationship can form from it.

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