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  1. LauraJ says

    I kind of disagree that the idea of romance today is in hell or bad. I do think people have more options and with that, more confusion and pickiness. I also think a lot of people are waiting around and seeing relationships as something you have to do once you reach your mid-thirties and are running out of time for a family. Rather than actually wanting to grow and develop with someone.

    But at the same time, I think it’s good that people are breaking away from what society tells us, and putting themselves or their career first. Maybe life has just made love too calculated. We’re not optimistically walking into a bar and assuming a great love is there – we’re walking into bars and assuming there’s a lot of uninteresting people, and maybe the people worth considering don’t actually have the same hobbies or political views etc.
    How are you finding online dating now? I am super close to getting rid of it.

    • LauraJ says

      Once again, I’m mentally nodding along to what you’ve said and can share a similar experience. I question how many of these guys on dating sites actually want relationships.

      Maybe he had a great time but doesn’t want to commit or thinks he can just respond whenever. Sometimes when a guy knows you like them, they feel they can relax a bit.

      Time will tell I guess as to whether he does respond. I think people can get that busy and I’m sometimes really bad with taking days to respond. Because my job is typing, I often want to get home and not look at my phone. But having said that, if I’ve met someone and like them, I’m usually keen to always reply.

      The test will be whether he comes up with a date to meet, takes initiative to arrange and texts to see how you are.

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