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  1. thelonelyauthorblog says

    Another tough one LauraJ. There are so many things I want to say.

    The most intimate act has to be oral sex. For a woman to be for lack of a better term wide open to having her inner most self explored, it can’t always be easy. I love to go down on a woman, meanwhile I am not so crazy about it being interested. Cunnilingus has always fascinated me. I think knowing many
    women do not orgasm via intercourse, makes me want to step up and accepot the challenge of making her orgasm.

    I will be honest, i have had plenty of one night stands, and pretty much felt empty after every single one of them. I need the little connections of kissing, hand holding, embracing. I have tried to do that with some one night stands and received the strangest looks. Then, I find myself having to explain, I know it’s only for tonight, and it gets awkward. A little touching, even in a non committed no nonsense one night stand feels good. I kind of have a let me love you for one night attitude. But I guess that is just me and my crazy need for connections.

    So, yes, I need the intimacy.

    • LauraJ says

      If I’m dating someone, I always expect oral to be part of the sex. Non-negotiable. I don’t think it’s spoken about enough; how women cannot always orgasm through standard sex. But even if they can, oral just gives a completely different sensation.

      Regardless of what the situation is (one night stand, casual, long term etc.), some people just need intimacy with their sex. That’s not just a you thing. Last year, I had very unconnected sex and it just felt weird. Maybe that was just the person *inserts laughing emoji*.

      Thank you Andrew for your thoughts on this. It’s nice to read a man’s perspective.