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  1. Hannah says

    This is such an interesting concept for a blog post and definitely something that I have not seen before on anyone else’s blogs. I am interested to know how many people said no compared to how many people agreed to contribute. It reminds me of the Cosmopolitan column: The Best Sex I Have Ever Had which I loved to read throughout University as it was so interesting to see what different people considered as good sex, whether that was who they were having it with (a tall,dark stranger, an ex boyfriend or a current partner) or whether sex toys were used or the location. It was interesting to find out from reading the above that whilst the best sex stories varied, the worst sex stories were very similar in that there was little communication and often the woman was not pleasured or even considered. Hope you keep uploading blog posts similar to this!

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you Hannah! I’ve been talking about sexual taboos (female sexuality, fantasies and orgasms etc.) for a while, and I’ve noticed a lot of people like reading about it and many send me private messages, but they don’t feel confident openly discussing.
      So when I put this post together, around 6 – 7 women either backed out or said no. And the ones who did agree, most wanted to have their identity hidden. I suppose society isn’t fully ready yet to hear women talk so openly about sex.

      I thought it was really interesting as well that all the worst sex stories seem to share the same experience. I will be posting one on 5 different guys stories next week.

  2. questionsfromateenager says

    I have said this a hundred times already and I will keep saying it – Laura, I applaud you for taking on issues and topics a lot of people are too afraid to talk about or admit. It was an absolute pleasure being a part of this post.

    I agree with everything you conveyed in the intro. Sex is indeed a topic that dominates our society yet very few women actually feel comfortable talking about their own experiences… It’s like there’s a level of shame attached to admitting that yes you have sex (regularly) and yes you enjoy sex as much as your partner. It’s weird how it is constantly mentioned how open-minded and progressive our generation is when it comes to sex/ sexuality yet when it comes to it, especially a lot of women still hold back out of fear of judgment.

    What I found interesting is that all of my fellow contributors in this post had dealt with the same issue as I had: men not respecting our needs/not listening/ not caring / putting their own pleasure way above our own. It’s sad that although sex is an act between two people, a lot of men still view it as something to satisfy THEIR needs and their needs only. As you perfectly put it; We want an orgasm, not a hug!

    • LauraJ says

      I’m so glad you took part! I feel it’s important to challenge things in life and there’s a lot around sex that is so hushed and in the dark.

      We’re in this place where it’s okay to paint naked bodies and to write about sex poetically or romantically. And it’s often okay to act sexual in photos online. But to speak openly and honestly about experiences – it holds this bizarre taboo.

      When I asked my guy friends about their worst times, most said they didn’t really have anything too awful. I guess with men, they’re far more-likely to cum and enjoy. With women, their orgasms are a bit of a gamble.
      And unfortunately, some men are not willing to learn how to tip the odds in a girl’s favour. x