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  1. stickysituation says

    Laura, this is so well written! I read the first sentence and was like “okay, here we go!!”. And your research was thorough as always – sometimes I think people (who are not aquainted to writing blogs or articles) tend to underestimate how much time actually goes into research. So when I see the frequence of your posts and together with the fact that you produce such well thought-out, intersting & thought-provoking posts with such detailed research, I am seriously impressed. Also – the photography in this post is absolutely stunning.

    Pubic hair seems to be such a touchy subject for some which is strange, seeing as we all naturally have it. When I think about pubic hair, an image of Adam & Eve always comes to mind. Not that I am religious, I just do not think it’s a coincidence that already, in the bible, it was conveyed to society that you SHOULD cover your parts and that there’s a certain amount of shame attached to it. And a large chunk of society still retains that mindset in regard to pubic hair, especially when it comes to female pubic hair. Opinions are extremely split on this topic and I don’t think I could settle on just one. Personally, I think everyone should leave/remove whatever they want to. It should be a personal choice, one you make for yourself and not because societal norms dictate it.

    Amazing post xx

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you!! The photography was very random but I’m happy with how it turned out.

      The word public in itself is never really said. I always hear “bikini line”. I do think Adam & Eve plays a role, but I think for older generations, a lot of their dislike for removing the hair is based on porn. They think as porn started the trend for hair removal, not having any automatically sexualises the area. It is definitely a personal choice and down to preference. xx