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  1. stickysituation says

    OnlyFans is something I didn’t know existed up until fairly recently. I think it’s always easy to judge something you hardly know anything about and I always love learning about things, especially when there’s controversy involved. I found reading the different perspectives of your interviewees to be really interesting because it makes it more personal. And I also love that all of them avocated for only doing what you feel comfortable with – that is so important, in ANY area in life. This was such a different, insightful post, thank you for sharing Laura! xx

    • LauraJ says

      I was scrolling through Twitter about a month ago, when I came across a girl linking an article about someone making thousands through OnlyFans. And then I watched a documentary and became fascinated.
      Mainly because this type of work has always felt frowned upon and covered in secrecy, but now it’s more open and people are not hiding away or caring about judgment. And I think it’s great that people can have that choice now.

      Thank you Fiona. I appreciate you reading and taking the time to comment! xx