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  1. Paula Loreti says

    As always, I love the topics of your posts! I personally am a little old fashion and I like that a guy spend some money on the first date. It doesn’t have to be fancy, its just the gesture that means a lot to me 🙂

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you Paula! The gesture is really nice. I’m a little old fashioned as well and love the simple things, like a guy holding a door open.

  2. stickysituation says

    This is SUCH a great discussion topic. I think that in my friend group alone, there would be a lot of different opinions on this (I’m actually extremely curious to bring this up now).

    Personally, I always offer to split and I never assume that he is going to pay. If he insists however, then I won’t refuse either However, if there is a second date, I will try to equal it out and treat him a little too. It’s all about a healthy balance for me I think.

    Around two years ago, I went on a first date with someone and he splurged. We went to a fancy restaurant where a starter was around 35€ upwards and he ended up paying so much! I felt so bad. Especially because I couldn’t even offer to split because he (sneakily) paid while I went to the ladies room. We briefly talked about it afterwards and he said he didn’t mind because (as a gourmet chef himself) he appreciates good food and he had been wanting to try that restaurant for ages. It made me feel a little better, knowing that he knew he didn’t HAVE to spend so much money on me. xx

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you Fiona. I always offer to split the bill as well, but I can often tell during a date whether a man will pay or not. Like this one time at a restaurant, a guy confidently took the wine list and said I’m going to order this (after asking if I prefer white or red). Then asked if I wanted sides. His whole confidence over the menu just gave me a clue that he would turn down my offer to pay halves.

      I think that’s the thing sometimes – a guy (or girl) may want to do something that works better when on a date. Even going to an event or seeing a play, and so some people are more than happy to pay in order to do the activity they want. In your case the fancy restaurant. I can imagine the food must have been amazing for a gourmet chef to visit. xx

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you! I offer to split as well just as a standard thing – even if a guy does say he wants to pay, it seems a rude gesture to not ask. xx

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