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  1. crystalsandcurls says

    I recently watched a Youtube documentary about Kanye West and it just made me feel really….sad for him. A lot of people laugh (and I get it – he can be super entertaining) but it’s really painful to watch someone blatantly struggling so publicly. I dont think people consider the aftermath for him having to come out of an episode and realise he’s said or done something erratic xx

    • LauraJ says

      For people who have bipolar and can relate to what Kanye’s going through, this could be a great opportunity to show support for the condition. It’s sad that people are laughing and not taking it seriously – stigmatising not just Kanye, but everyone who can relate. Ixx

  2. Mimi says

    I was a victim of stigma myself but in a different way. I thought that depression was something different than what it actually is and I battled with the monster for 10 years before knowing what it was. It was incredibly lonely, thinking I was weird because at times I didn’t want to go out or just act. I was deeply apathetic for days and sometimes even months and most people, myself included though I was just lazy.

    • LauraJ says

      I’m sorry you went through that. I wish the idea of laziness could be removed from mental health – I’ve heard things before where people have said “Oh, their just using their depression as an excuse”. And the people saying this, have likely never experienced it and have zero education or knowledge on the subject.

  3. thelonelyauthorblog says

    I feel bad for Kayne West. I hope he is able to find the help that he needs.

    I really liiked your list of stigmas. People have so many of these misconceptions, and that can only make it harder for people trying to cope.
    Hope you are well Laura.

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