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  1. Janelle | thenellybean says

    This is interesting and about time someone called us out on it! As someone who has always tanned very easily, I too bragged about my ability to do this and how I “hardly ever burned”. It’s a strange one, but I think a lot more can be done to promote healthy skin and keeping hydrated instead of being a certain colour to look “good”!

    • LauraJ says

      I was so shocked as I was researching because I’ve never read about the possible dangers and side-effects before. xxx

  2. crystalsandcurls says

    THIS THIS THIS! I love a tan – I think it looks healthy, I love the feel of the warmth on my face and I feel like I look better a little bit darker. But I dont tan at all anymore because I when I worked as a fundraiser for cancer council I learned so much about how harmful it actually is for us and it’s kind of scary. 1 in 3 Aussies get skin cancer at some point in their lives and it’s all sun exposure xx

    • LauraJ says

      That’s shocking!! 1 in 3!! Everyone knows that tanning can create skin cancer and it’s anti-ageing, but because it’s so common to sunbathe and normal to go abroad and tan, it’s easy to overlook. It is scary how harmful it is – and how many people ignore the potential damage xx

      • crystalsandcurls says

        Yeah it’s a terrifying stat – there’s research that shows continuous exposure to UV year on year effects your skin too, so if you’re consistently tanning all the time… yikes. I like being more brown but not that much!xx

        • LauraJ says

          This has definitely pushed me to make sure I’m always wearing SPF outside and I’m not spending long times out in the heat. xx

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