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  1. Janelle | thenellybean says

    I think this can be a tough one – I completely understand the conflict between wanting to take the higher ground and wanting to snoop just to see if they are up to anything. My partner has always been very open with his phone and passwords, which definitely helps trust in the relationship. I get that others may not be as willing to share passwords, but may also be completely innocent. It’s a sticky situation, and you’re absolutely right about asking yourself if the self-doubt is really worth it – tends to grow into resentment and uglier things pretty quickly! Love this post. x

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you, Janelle. I’ve never shared my phone passwords with a partner before, but I can see how that helps with trust.
      I wouldn’t want to check a partner’s phone, but if I have strong suspicions of them cheating, I would struggle to resist the urge to look. x