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  1. melina says

    I love being adventurous in the bedroom, like you said I think it keeps things fresh and exciting in the relationship! I’m really interested in the board game, have never heard of sexual type of board games, except for those really common sex dice. Great post Laura xx

    Melina |

    • LauraJ says

      The board game is fun, but annoyingly I haven’t managed to win yet! It’s set out like snakes and ladders – up to 4 players can take it in turns to roll the dice and try to reach the finish line first. There are various activities and questions you can land on, including “Kinky cards” where you have to say yes or no to if you have done certain things, and cards that ask you to act and draw.
      In terms of how sexual they are, it really varies. It’s probably the ideal game to play after a month of dating or so. I like it right now as something different from just staying in and watching films. xxx

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