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  1. LauraJ says

    Thank you so much! I thought it was really interesting researching and seeing the different opinions. Appreciate your thoughts. 🙂

  2. LauraJ says

    There are so many terms now like breadcrumbing and ghosting. One thing I want to write about is options. There’s countless people online looking for love so it’s easy to go on lots of dates and hook up without feelings.
    I hate that I now link online dating to casual sex. I joined a dating site last year and went on a date with a guy who seemed really nice. But he was trying to get me back to his and it completely ruined the romance.
    I love writing articles on societal standards so there’s definitely more to come! xxx

  3. LauraJ says

    Thank you Andrew! Well, I had a first date once that went on for hours. But it was weird because we had great conversation, yet we didn’t have chemistry that made it feel as though we’ve known each other for years. So on our second date, it was really awkward because I felt I had run out of conversation.
    I guess it depend on how it’s going though. Curiosity is always good. Though first time sex never usually reveals all.

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